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City Ballet Youth Foundation for Dance Education

The Foundation's key areas of emphasis are:

•    Supporting artistic residency
•    Sponsoring performance opportunities
•    Providing dance scholarships
•    Community outreach

City Ballet Foundation is committed to assisting City Ballet with providing the finest instructors and staff to lead its program. With exemplary staff in place, we can ensure it remains one of the best quality dance education programs in the country. This staff which we support includes our academic year instructors, guest master teachers, and world-renowned choreographers who set pieces for the school's stunning productions.

City Ballet Foundation supports the development of young artists by sponsoring City Ballet's community performances and participation in exhibitions and festivals. As many may not be aware, there is a gap between what performance fees cover and the actual cost of setting a show. By underwriting new choreography, costumes, and theater sets, the Foundation helps ensure that all participating dancers receive the performance experience that is vital to their artistic development. 

City Ballet Foundation provides tuition assistance for dancers who have a passion for classical ballet, but lack the financial support required for years of training. Through these scholarships, dancers and their families experience the benefits of the arts with access to the highest quality of dance training and education, regardless of economic means.

City Ballet Foundation is committed to increasing arts awareness in the community and remains active in the community. We have been able to offer weekly ballet classes to the Salvation Army's Kroc Center, located in the Tenderloin of San Francisco. The Foundation also provides access to underserved sectors of the community with tickets to our performances. 

City Ballet Foundation's sole source of funding is through the donations of generous supporters. We kindly ask that you consider making a donation to support our mission. Your contribution will support the dreams of young dancers and continue to provide all audiences access to the arts through the highest quality ballet performance.

All donations are tax deductible.

City Ballet Foundation is proud to sponsor ballet lessons at the Salvation Army’s Kroc Center, located in the Tenderloin of San Francisco.

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City Ballet Youth Foundation

Board of Directors and Members

2018 – 2019

 Kenneth W. Patsel, President and Founder

Kevin Patsel, Chairman

Shelley Schmidtlin, Grant Administrator

Deborah Bishop, Community Outreach / Correspondence

John Wight, Member

Brian Anderson, Member

Helene Ephron, Member

Elizabeth Jacobsen, Accounting / Bookkeeping

Molie Malone, Member

Jeffrey Mills, Member

Sara Mills, Member

Ilyse Petter, Member

Alicia Puleo, Member

Laurie Thompson, Member

Nikolai Kabaniaev, Member

Sarah Beveridge, Secretary



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Updated October 5, 2018