We cannot emphasize enough the importance of regular attendance and the commitment of the student to improve and polish his/her skills and talents. 

Any student with multiple unexcused and/or excessive absences will be given a notice of probation verbal or otherwise.

Students must arrive to class on time, prepared, and dressed properly (see Dress Code). In cases of tardiness, the student may have to sit and observe the class at the teacher's discretion. Any student with multiple unexcused and/or excessive late arrivals will also be given a notice of probation verbal or otherwise.

Subsequent violations will be reported to the school directors who retain sole discretion to take any action against the student including, but not limited to,

non-participation in an upcoming productions and/or dismissal from the school. 



Students and Parents are expected at all times to maintain a manner that is respectful to the school and its staff City Ballet reserves the right to dismiss or refuse business to anyone.

All classes are conducted in closed studios for the benefit of the students. Parents may watch students

through the glass windows; however, at the teacher's discretion, the curtains may be pulled over the windows prohibiting viewing. 



Students enrolled at City Ballet must conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful to the school, the staff, and their peers.

A. Students must arrive to class on time, prepared, and dressed properly (see Dress Code).

B. Students must conduct themselves appropriately while at City Ballet. This includes while at the studio, at performances, at City Ballet related-events, and on social media.

C. City Ballet is not responsible for lost or stolen belongings, such as cell phones, money, accessories, or clothing. Students that are issued lockersare strongly encouraged to provide their own lock to secure all valuables while in class or rehearsals. Theft will not be tolerated.

D. Cell phones are not permitted in class and should be kept on silent or vibrate if they are stored in lockers.

E. Students must wear regular clothes or cover-ups over their ballet clothes when arriving and leaving City Ballet. Ballet slippers should not be worn outside. 



Tuition is due prior to the start of the semester by date on the invoice.  Payment can be made either by check or credit card. Use of credit card for payment will incur a 3.25% credit card processing fee. Late payments will result in a $20 per week surcharge.

Tuition does not include performance fees, which are paid separately.

Families must give the school 60 days notice prior to school withdrawal in the middle of an academic year unless withdrawal is pre-arranged with City Ballet.  Families choosing to withdraw from the school without offering this notice or pre-arranged agreement with City Ballet will be liable for any monthly tuition within this time frame.  Refunds for school withdrawal will not be issued. Students who withdraw before the end of the school year are obligated for the rest of the month in which they withdrew, as well as the following month.
Students in the Pre-Professional Division must commit to the entire Academic Year. If a student chooses to leave mid-year, they will still be held financially responsible for the remainder of the Academic Year.  Any student withdrawals due to prolonged illness, severe injury, or unforeseen circumstances may be eligible for refund at the sole discretion of the Administrative Director.

  *There are no tuition refunds for school withdrawal, dismissal, or missed classes. 

                   **No refunds are given for cases of dismissal

                          **Additonal Cancellation fees may apply