Learn. Grow. Perform.

CITY BALLET's academic year is September through May. Class levels consist of Pre-Ballet, Ballet Levels I through VI, and Pre-Professional, as well as our Boys'/Men's Program. All prospective students should submit an online application. A non-refundable fee of $30 will be charged on the day of the placement class. 




Our Pre-Ballet program is for young, beginning dancers between the ages of four and six. Taught by professional dancers, our program is designed to offer a fun, inventive, and creative introduction to the discipline of ballet. Students are encouraged to use their imagination, and are given a nurturing environment within which to learn. From this basic instruction, they will acquire a beginning ballet vocabulary, and the basic knowledge they will need to succeed in the more structured classes that follow, beginning at age six.


Ballet Levels I through III

Ballet Levels I through III provide the core of ballet training for all students learning to dance. These lower levels allow students to continue refining their technique and building their ballet vocabulary. Each level is staged to provide an increase in a dancer's challenges, and represents the progression in a dancer's achievements and commitment to dance. Stretch is incorporated within the curriculum to develop flexibility and core strength. Starting from Level I, students are also given the opportunity to perform in the school's production of The Nutcracker and may be invited to participate in the Spring Showcase. 

Ballet Levels IV through VI

Ballet Levels IV through VI continue ballet training for all students. These higher levels provide students with 3 performance opportunities throughout the year: Fall Classic, The Nutcracker, and Spring Showcase. Students at these levels continue to refine their technique with increased performance opportunities and classes, such as Variation class. Students also begin pointe at these levels when the instructor sees fit. 


CITY BALLET SCHOOL's Pre-Professional program offers year-round training to dancers with professional potential. Hand-picked students are given the skills and training required to compete in an ever-increasingly competitive job market. Here, students will work personally under the guidance of Galina Alexandrova, as well as other teachers such as Nikolai Kabaniaev, former Kirov principal,  and world-class choreographer, Yuri Possokhov. 

Students are encouraged to fully realize their potential in a daily curriculum that includes technique, pointe, partnering, contemporary, and repertoire in an environment that promotes individualized attention to detail for each dancer within the program. Students are also given performance opportunities in a professional theater environment periodically throughout the year - an element which is crucial to the development of the young dancer.

Note: Auditions for the Pre-Professional program must be arranged by contacting the school administrator, Ken Patsel. A $30 fee is required to audition for the program.