City Ballet School - Boys'/Men's Program

City Ballet School–San Francisco’s Year-Round Men’s/Boys’ Program and Summer Intensive are dedicated to providing premier Vaganova training in true Russian style, for aspiring young male dancers. 

Director Nikolai Kabaniaev has a proven track record of developing young male students into professional dancers. Nikolai graduated from the famed Vaganova Academy in St. Petersburg, Russia, and went on to dance with the Kirov/Mariinsky where he worked with some of the world's finest teachers directors and choreographers. He is dedicated to passing on his vast knowledge and expertise in classical ballet to each of his students.

Students receive individualized attention, in small classroom settings, with precise attention to detail. City Ballet’s Men’s/Boys’ Program offers classes in male technique, variations, partnering, contemporary, character, stretching and strengthening. In addition, boys will receive valuable experience while performing in City Ballet productions.

Dear Students and Parents,

Watch this video to get a glimpse into the program!

The Boys'/ Men’s program at City Ballet School - San Francisco is created to give aspiring young male dancers the opportunity to study classical ballet at  the highest standards of the Russian/Vaganova method of ballet training right here in the beautiful city of San Francisco.
We know that there are many different methods and techniques used to train dancers. Some are more popular than others, some are more thorough than others. Since Agrippina Vaganova standardized Russian ballet training in 1934, her training method has been conquering the world and producing followers in Europe, Americas and Asia. In Russia, the Vaganova method continues to develop with every new generation of teachers, dancers and choreographers. For Russians, the Vaganova method is not a dogmatic set of rules but, rather, a guideline based on more than two centuries of accumulated knowledge and experience in training exceptional classical ballet dancers. When approached creatively, this method is infused with new knowledge and ideas from today's ballet world resulting in a perfect dancer on tomorrow's stage.
Our Boy's/Men’s program is designed to produce the highest caliber male ballet dancers for professional ballet companies around the USA and abroad. The program is based on consistent, systematized training. It is extremely logical, detailed and complete. Once students master this method, they're fully prepared to dance any kind of repertoire, but most importantly, it equips them with the right tools to execute classical ballet at the highest level of technique."

Nikolai Kabaniaev

Beginner/Intermediate Levels

“I can not emphasize more how extremely important the first few years of professional classical ballet training are. One can compare them with the first few years in a life of a newly born baby - first impressions, first steps, first words. That’s when the foundation for the successful future is laid.

Same goes with the classical ballet training. The strong foundation is the key for the student to, eventually, realize his fullest potential. That’s when flexibility, strength andcoordination are developed and at the same time technique, artistry and love for the profession are cultivated and carefully taught.

In my Beginning and Intermediate Levels I’m not only following the proven method but most importantly, I look at every student as an individual with his own qualities and challenges.  My initial goal is to help every single boy in the class to acquire a strong, solid foundation, both physically and mentally, in order to become the best classical ballet dancer they can ever be”. - Nikolai Kabaniaev

Advanced Level